Michelle was previously an English tutor before she discovered that she’s rather be talking about Jesus than apostrophes! She was called to be minister of ECBC in December 2021. In her spare time she enjoys reading historical and mystery novels. She is married to Del and they have four children.


I have been living in Earls Colne since 1987.  Am part of the team who run Chatterbox and children’s work was my career.  Hobbies include doing Jigsaw Puzzles.  I used to play in a Colchester Accordion Band and now play the Ukulele and am learning the guitar.


I have lived in Earls Colne for two years. I love walking, exploring, playing Scrabble and tinkering with things. My husband and I have 4 children, two bunnies, lots of fish, a terrapin and a dog called Harriet.

church treasurer


Frank is Mr Earls Colne. He sorts out the money, keeps us the right side of the law and is generally brilliant. He has been at Earls Colne Baptist Church for many years and is married to Grace.