We are a group of people who are excited about the reality of God working in our lives today both individually and as a church family. We meet together on a Sunday morning and throughout the week to encourage and support each other on our faith journeys. We acknowledge that we are often lacking and that we have a deep need for Love to transform our hearts, our minds and our communities.  We would love to share your journey with you whether you consider yourself a believer or not.

Sunday Mornings

We meet around tables at 10.30am each Sunday. Come as you are and we will endeavour to make you feel at home. There will usually be music, prayer, a short talk and refreshments.


A great place to get to know people better, ask those niggling faith questions and support each other through the ups and downs of life.


Every Monday morning at 10am we meet at the church to pray. Remembering our church family, our local community and those we support both in this country and around the world. Most importantly we give thanks to God for who he is, the difference he has made in our lives, and His unconditional love for the people of this world.